Lil' Ole Me

Haley Lu Gonyon
I was into art and design from a very early age. My mother being overall extremely creative and a graphic designer I was constantly around art. My love for art only expanded thought the elementary years and I started winning awards for my work. I knew this was something I enjoyed and did well in. Approaching high school, I took part in AP art with a concentration in painting. I learned most of my painting skills and style, I was constantly trying new ways of making it more interesting than just 2D art. This is when I developed a love for 3D art experimenting in sculpture. Also, in high school I took an intro to graphic design and also took a liking to that. Getting into the Buffalo State art program I entered as a freshman going for my BA Art degree. Around Sophomore year I realized although I still have a love for painting and sculpture it just wasn’t for me anymore. I entered the graphic design program at the end of my sophomore year and have ever since been enjoying the design process and finding my style.

Current Day

I’m currently student at SUNY Buffalo State College I am majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in painting. I specialize in logo design, print, and just about a little of everything. My design ranges from painting to graphic work. My style is simplistic and colorful, I am color obsessed! I try to work in a timely matter and produce clean effective work for my clients. I tend to work best with as much information as possible.